4 Ways To Infuse Delight Into Your Learning

4 ways to infuse delight

Delight for learning has always been a priority to me in teaching my children at home.  But, when I hit the winter months my problem is trying to figure out how on earth I’m going to make math facts delightful!  Come January we’ve been homeschooling for months on end, the normal routines have developed ruts in our days, and a much needed diversion from normal is required.  Here are 4 ways that we freshen up our learning and infuse some much needed fun back into our homeschool.  I hope it inspires you with some fresh perspective to bring the delight back into your days this winter.

To read more click through to FreeHomeschoolDeals.com… I’m so excited to be sharing the full article over there today!


    • Kirsten Joy says

      Hi Kendra. The link was to the main page. I’ve updated it to go straight to the article. Hope this helps and you have a really great day! So sorry if it was confusing.

      • Kendra says

        Thanks so much. I looked around quite a bit on the main page and couldn’t find it. Enjoying your blog as a one anticipating beginning homeschooling

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