Lapbooking through Life Science Series:     

“Lapbooking through Life Science” is a series in the making.  Our first lapbook on Mammals is now available as a free download! Scroll to the bottom of the page to download yours now for free.

Science Learned from Living Books:

Our approach to education is Classical with a strong Charlotte Mason bend.  So, for science we have chosen living books over textbooks, and a focus on a single content area ever year (following the trivium).  We use a very similar set of books recommended by Susan Wise Bauer in “The Well Trained Mind.”  This year the content area we are studying is Biology, also known as Life Science.  Life Science covers the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, and the human body.  For our “spine” we have selected 3 books.  These books are all published by DK Publishing and are high quality from cover to cover:    “First Animal Encyclopedia”, “First Human Body Encyclopedia”, and “Plant (Eyewonder).”  They are all thorough in the scope of information and written well for the early elementary years.  There are engaging pictures, interesting facts, and the feeling that only a living book can bring.  These three books can be found at most local libraries, and with our accompanying lapbooks make a solid science curriculum (for free!)

We will soon have the entire lapbook series to accompany all 3 of the DK books available as a free dowload.  Soon to follow our Mammals lapbook will be a lapbook on Birds, Fish, and Invertibrates.  In the mean time, you can go check out our posts on Life Science or see our finished Lapbook here. 

Sometimes book budgets can get tight, and Science curriculum can be very expensive.  Having researched all over the internet for affordable classical science curriculum, I realized it’s not that easy.  That’s when we decided to build our own.  More than anything, I want the Lapbooking through Life Science Series to be a blessing to other homeschooling families.  Please feel free to share this link and spread the love!

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Mammals printable