Geography for Kids- Exploring Nigeria & West Africa

Nigeria has been really fun because of all the Anansi stories there are to read.  This week also tied in well with our “Story of the World” study of Ancient Africa.  There isn’t a whole lot known about West Africa in ancient times except for the stories that have been passed down through the ages.  Not only are they entertaining but, also have a moral lesson involved.  You can almost picture parents telling their children these tales by the light of the moon to sleepy eyes and adventurous hearts.  Africa is such an incredible continent full of culture, art, and tales of animals that teach as well as entertain.   A large portion of our Geography for Nigeria was spent reading the books we found at the Library.  However, we did some of the map work as well.

Flag & Facts

We started our Geography lesson as usual, first identifying Nigeria and it’s capital on the map.  Then we colored the National Flag and listened to the Anthem. We wrote out the quick facts about the country on our Facts page (pictures shown above).  Below I’ve listed the books with links that we found for studying West Africa and Nigeria.

Trip to the Library

Animal Wall

We finished up our look at Nigeria by classifying our animals on the animal wall.  You can also reference our Science Lesson on Primates as this was also part of our theme.


Hope you enjoy browsing the resources we used for this lesson on Nigeria!

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