Introducing Bible Writer Volume 2: FREE for launch week only!

Bible Writer 2D

It’s finally here!  I’m so excited to announce the launch of “Bible Writer Volume 2: Jesus is.”  Volume 1 was such a success and I’ve been working hard on getting the companion volume completed to accompany your New Testament reading.  Volume 2 is packed full with over 100 pages of copywork to accompany 26 ABC […]

My new curriculum, FREE! Bible Writer: Volume 1.

Bible Writer

Hey everyone!  I’m so excited to announce the release of Bible Writer: Volume 1 and I want to give a big thank you to those of you who have already downloaded the curriculum and are helping me get the word out.  I hope that this blog can be a continued source of inspiration and resource as […]

Studying Ancient Cultures Helps the Bible Come Alive!

I have been enjoying studying Ancient Civilizations just as much as my kiddos have this year.  There is such an abundance of information in studying ancient cultures that have enhanced even my own personal understanding of scripture.  After all, the ancient cultures that we’re studying this year were the contexts of the lives of the […]

The God of More than Enough

It was the beginning of our day, just like we always start.  And right there, in the middle of all our stuff….I felt Him…the God of more than enough.  Today’s bible reading spoke to me as a mother just as much as it spoke to my kids.  As they painted their pictures and drew on […]