A Mother’s Day Gift for You! Free E-book by Melanie Shankle

My Prayer For You:

Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope this Mother’s Day, wherever you call home, finds you filled with the Father’s joy over you.  You are an amazing woman and make miracles happen on a daily basis.  I pray He coats your life in new grace for the season you are in and fills your heart with an increasing measure of His goodness.  I pray you experience all of the life that you give away daily with your words, your touch, your service, and your care.  I pray that for lonely hearts, your would Hear you Heavenly Father’s pleasure over you.  For hearts that are starved for compliments and affection, I pray that you would hear your Father’s voice over you.  For hearts that are struggling underneath the weight that you daily carry, I pray that you would be strengthened by the Father’s arms around you.  You are an amazing woman, beautifully designed to give life and be free.  I pray this Mother’s Day finds you well cared for in the Father’s Love.

A Free Gift For Moms:

I came upon this giveaway this week and I thought it was so generous.  I wanted to get the word out in case you haven’t seen it yet.  Melanie Shankle of thebigmamablog.com  is giving away her book “Sparkly Green Earrings” for free on kindle.  It is a hilarious and heart touching memoir of her journey of motherhood.  I am in the middle of reading it right now, and I have lost count of the times that her voice made me laugh out loud and on the same page turned my heart to tears.  She is amazingly transparent with her life and it is such a breath of fresh air to mothers who need the real voice of a woman in the trenches of motherhood.  To Melanie I say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for being so you on the pages of your writing and for being so generous with your work to give it away freely.  This book is so refreshing and I know that you will be touched by it as much as I was.  I know that Mama’s don’t normally buy themselves gifts on Mother’s Day, but since this one is free, I think your entitled : )  Go ahead and go download yours.  You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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