My Morphing View on Teaching Math to Young Children

Math for young children

Photo Credit: andersenKT via Compfight cc Overcoming my own hurdles Math. That word alone sparks visceral reactions among the majority of the institutionally schooled population.  My early math memories are filled with drills, repetition, boredom, and confusion.  As a child, I knew all the answers because I had memorized the facts but, found algebraic thinking […]

The Storyteller Collection { A Bible Curriculum Giveaway!}

Storyteller collection

Hey friends!  Today I want to introduce you to an excellent resource for teaching the Bible to your children.  Whenever I come across a curriculum like this, I like to pass it along.  The Storyteller Collection is a brand new series written by my friend Rebekah Helman.  She has poured her heart and expertise into […]

Just because I love to connect with you.

A Writer's Nook 2

Hey friends! This summer it’s been a little sparse on the blog since I’ve been doing some writing offline, mostly right from the comfy chair pictured above.  It’s a little nook in our 1500 square foot house that I’ve claimed for myself.  I think every mama needs her own nook. But, in my absence from […]

Covenants That Keep and The God Who Keeps Us.


I just love photos.  Not the perfect photos hanging on the wall but, the photos you find tucked inside the pages of a Bible (that’s where I keep my favorites!) or a snapshot you find inside of a dusty box on a shelf.  The kind that you might have forgotten about but, are still tangible […]

Welcome To My New Bible Study for Women! {Devotional Journal Included for FREE.}

The Incarnate You

Hey friends! I’m so excited to announce a new series that I know will be an encouragement and inspiration to you. “The Incarnate You: manifesting the life you were born to live” is a devotional series I’ve written that will take us through the Gospel of John from a unique perspective.  I hope that this […]